What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive sensory experience within a virtual space that simulates the reality. With headsets like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear Vr or Google Cardboard, you find yourself projected in another place, whether real or imaginary, and the user can look around and interact with it.

for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality - Samsung Gear VR
Virtual Reality - Google Cardboard
Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift

Immersive experiences in Virtual Reality

We realize scenarios for every need, viewable with virtual reality headsets:


Spherical photos are obtained by merging multiple shots taken with wide angle or fisheye lenses; the result is a 360 degrees photographic reconstruction of a real place which, thanks to virtual reality headsets, you can visit, having the feeling of actually being on site.


The scenario is modeled in 3D computer graphics and then rendered at 360° high-resolution and adapted to be displayed with virtual reality headsets; this solution allows you to build ad-hoc environments both internal and external, both real and imagined.


Not only static scenes, but also 360° videos and 360° 3D animations. The tapings can be taken with special spherical cameras that in real-time can capture the entire environment from every angle around you; or maybe animations realized starting from 3D models.

Virtual Reality Sectors

Virtual Reality - Real Estate
Virtual Reality - Logo 1

"We let your customers to live the excitement of visiting the property without having to leave your office, although still in the project phase"


  • Real estate agencies
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Interior Design
Virtual Reality - Marketing
Virtual Reality - Logo 2

"We study an innovative way to communicate your project or brand, creating astonishment and surprise like no other media is able to do"


  • Trade shows / Events
  • Publishing
  • Youtube / Facebook 360
Virtual Reality - Culture
Virtual Reality - Logo 3

"We reconstruct amazing environments that stay inside a headset, from historical to futuristic events, from stars to microscopic worlds"


  • Museums
  • Schools
Virtual Reality - Tourism
Virtual Reality - Logo 4

"We create enthusiasm, making feel theexperience of being elsewhere, immersed in distant places, for a preview that there are no comparisons"


  • Travel agencies
  • Territory promotion